I just came back from a mini-trip to Seoul, where I went hiking with a meetup group. It was pretty fun. Actually, “meetups” are a pretty good idea for things like hiking. I met people I wouldn’t normally meet in Korea, like a musician-sergeant in the US military. Plus, it made me a really popular person, since some people were there to practice English as much as hike. Here, I’m in the middle. We had actually reached the top, although you don’t see much of a view here. 
A temple near Ansan #Seoul #koreantemple #ansan
View from Ansan in #seoul #ansan
Today was a ddeokbokki day at school. It was the last day of our summer camp so my co-teacher sent one of the students out to get ddeokbokki at one of the stores nearby. It’s kind of a strange food if you’re not familiar with it, but it’s grown on me. 
Now that I’m done with summer camp it’s time for me to visit home. Not thrilled about my 30 hour trip, but it was the last cheap ticket!
#Yongsan #Seoul #Korea

The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.
Stalactites in the caves at Danyang #stalactites #caves
The only horse I’ve seen so far in Korea #horse #danyang #Korea

Pallas cat, Octolobus manul  ( via Terry Whittaker Photography)

I want to be taller.

Saw a bus taking kids to after school “height increasing classes” the other day. No idea what those are- besides a scheme to get their parents to pay for a dubious service :(
Yesterday’s #patbingsu #icecream